Best Chinese Restaurant in Belleuve, WA


Zoey S.

San Francisco, CA

One of our family's favorites! Spectacular service, great food, and a clean, festive environment. Shanghai is the only Chinese food we consistently return to. Even while living in Kirkland (20-30 min drive away) we would make the trip over to Bellevue, with our tummies rumbling and mouths watering the whole way over. The waitresses and waiters make an effort to remember names, memorize orders, and simply provide excellent hospitality. Also, there is a beautiful and clean fish tank with seemingly happy, well-cared for fish. Woohoo! 

Some favorite dishes include the Crispy Shrimp with Sweet Chili Sauce, Pork Green Beans (better without the pork), Mushu Vegetable, Fried Rice (can be ordered with brown rice instead of white), and Barley Green Noodles. Ask for a side of their jalapeno pot sticker sauce too, it's awesome on anything. 

Watch out! They are closed on Tuesdays. A terrible fact to forget when you're craving some Chinese eating... Open Christmas though 🙂


Sharlen H.

Kent, WA

It's one of the best Chinese restaurants in Bellevue, or I should say, in this state. (the other one is Yep's Wok in Bellevue). It's not a dark, cheap, greasy and yucky Chinese restaurant in a hole, they have decent, fresh and quite authentic dishes. It's a family owned business and all the waiters/ waitress are friendly. I like their hand-shaved noodles, seafood-tofu hot pot soup is a must. Actually, every item on the menu is good, there is no real bummer. BTW, I'm Chinese from Taiwan, just like the owner and his family.
Compare with Yep's Wok, this place is less salty,  the menu is smaller as well, but come on, how many dishes we can order each time anyway?
I used to come here when I couldn't book a table at the always-busy Yep's Wok, now, I usually just come here without even think about Yep's. You still have to wait if you come here at the rush hour, this is not a big place, but other than that, you can get to eat your food pretty quick. I still love Yep's, but this place is also a pearl.

Claire T.

Kirkland, WA

I've been to Shanghai Cafe many many times, obviously I like their food a lot. I normally don't like to order lamb in the restaurant because most restaurant don't cook their lamb right, they all have gamy taste which I hated. However, I gave this place a try last night, and was amazingly yummy, they cooked their lamb hot pot perfectly, without a singe hint of gaminess. OMG...  
If you like lamb without any gaminess, you MUST try their lamb hot pot... you won't regret !!!